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STICKY traps distributed by Monsanto in early August for monitoring the western corn rootworm variant show the insect is on the move. Approximately 3,600 growers in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Missouri placed 28,000 Pherocon AM sticky traps; the western corn rootworm beetle was found in almost all the counties where the traps were sent, according to Dave Rhylander, Monsanto's director of traits. “This would suggest that the rootworm variant may be continuing to expand its geography, which could result in greater rootworm pressure when soybean fields are rotated back to corn in 2006,” he says.

Rhylander recommends that growers inspect their cornfields for the presence of corn rootworm beetles and talk to other growers and crop experts to monitor the movement of the variant. He also suggests monitoring soybean fields with the sticky traps.

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