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Rollover Plows

Kuhn Farm Machinery has updated its Master series plows by improving the headstock and making the plows compatible with a greater number of tractor-wheel track settings. The company also says it offers the industry's only nonstop hydraulic (NSH) system that allows multiple bodies to trip at the same time. Five plows are included in the improved Master series with a variety of fixed, multiple and variable-width rollover.

The updated mounted plow line is easier to adjust for different conditions, tire spacing and 3-pt. hitch settings. Improvements include a one-piece headstock; combined offset and angling; fully enclosed, variable-width linkage; foraged shares and points; and Triplex moldboards.

A customer may choose either traction bolt or NSH protection for plow bottoms. The traction bolt system pulls the bolt apart instead of cutting it in half for less wear and fewer failures. The NSH system offers nonstop plowing in rocky conditions; the plow leg resets automatically. All hydraulic components are retracted during normal operation for rust protection.

The Master 102 is designed for smaller-horsepower tractors and comes in fixed or multiple-width settings. The 112, 122, 152 and 182 rollover plows are designed for larger, higher-horsepower tractors and more difficult working conditions and come in multiple-width and variable-width settings. All variable-width plows feature fully brushed pivot points mounted inside the plow beam to protect the plow from the elements.

Suggested retail prices for the Master series range from $7,635 to $41,615. For more information, contact Kuhn Farm Machinery Inc., 5390 E. Seneca St., Vernon, NY 13476, 315/829-2620,

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