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Rhino’s little brother

When the Rhino 660 charged onto the scene in 2004 it bridged the gap between the capability of ATVs and the convenience of two passenger utility vehicles. Now the Rhino 660 gains an ally in the all-new 2006 Rhino 450 4x4. The Rhino 450 will offer everything utility vehicle users love about its bigger brother the Rhino 660, but with a price tag on par with top-of-the-line ATVs.

Like the Rhino 660, the roots of the Rhino 450 lie in the utility ATV line up. Borrowing the powerplant of the Kodiak 450, the Rhino 450 features a torque-producing 421cc SOHC four-stroke engine. A 33mm BSR carburetor is on board to help ensure crisp, immediate throttle response and optimum engine performance throughout the powerband.

Yamaha’s fully automatic Ultramatic transmission - with both a centrifugal clutch and sprag (one-way) clutch - keeps constant tension on the drive belt. The result is minimized belt slippage and wear. The Ultramatic transmission also eliminates downhill “freewheeling” and supplies engine braking at all four wheels when the conditions demand it.

Like the Rhino 660, the Rhino 450 is has a standard 2 in. receiver hitch that lets you to tow up to 1,212 lbs. The same redesigned lightweight cargo bed found on the Rhino 660 is capable of carrying an additional 400 lbs. The cargo bed features tilt levers on both sides of the bed for easy unloading.

The On-Command push button 2WD/4WD system with differential lock means logs, rocks and rutted terrain don’t scare this Rhino. Adding to the Rhino’s terrainability is an all-new skid plate design allowing the Rhino 450 to slide over anything in its path. The fully adjustable and fully-independent, front and rear dual A-arm suspension offers more than 7.3 inches of travel and an overall ground clearance of 12.1 inches. Like the Rhino 660, the Rhino 450 receives the new Maxxis all-terrain tires for better traction in any situation as well as to give the driver and the passenger a more comfortable ride. Again taking cues from the larger Rhino, the 450 receives all-new CV joints for increased durability.

Brakes are twin piston, dual hydraulic discs up front and a shaft-mounted, self-adjusting hydraulic disc in the rear. An easy-to-operate parking brake is located on the center console.

Padded bucket seats comfort both driver and passenger. A 7.9 gallon fuel tank is sufficient for a full day of driving. Other features include a waterproof automotive-style DC outlet for a floodlight, GPS system or even a cell phone charger; tie down hooks in the cargo bed to keep your gear or trophy-winning game secure; and tailgate supports similar to those found on a pickup truck to make loading and unloading the cargo bed a snap. The 2006 Rhino 450 4x4 will be available in Hunter Green at Yamaha dealerships nationwide beginning October 2005. For more information, visit

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