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BAYER CropScience describes its Radius corn herbicide as a combination of two powerful, soil-applied active ingredients offered as a convenient liquid premix. The company claims that the herbicide offers one-pass, season-long control of more than 65 grass and broadleaf weeds, including foxtails, waterhemp, lambsquarter, wooly cupgrass and wild proso millet. According to the company, Radius also controls velvet leaf, johnsongrass and kochia, suppresses sandbur and aids in ALS- and glyphosate-resistance management. Radius will recharge after only ½ in. of rain to control grass and broadleaf weeds up to 3 in. tall that may emerge after application.

Radius's use rates can be matched to local needs and varying soil types, and the rate of atrazine used can be varied.

Contact Bayer CropScience, Dept. FIN, 2 T.W. Alexander Dr., Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, 866/992-2937, visit or, or circle 195.

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