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KEEP FENCE lines looking neat and well maintained by using a new attachment designed for the Fence Mower from Wright Manufacturing. Ridges of soil and dirt often build up under fences, causing mowing difficulties. When the dirt removal attachment is bolted to the Fence Mower blade, it removes dirt at the same time the Fence Mower is cutting under the fence. The dirt removal attachment uses centrifugal force to spread soil 2 to 4 ft. on either side of the fence line, while loosening soil to a 4-in. depth. The attachment removes soil buildup from under the fence at a rate of 150 lbs. of soil/min.

The Fence Mower attaches to a tractor using a 3-pt. Cat. I hitch. Using the PTO of the tractor, the Fence Mower offers a 23-in. cutting swath and rides just 5¼ in. off the ground. The mower has a swing-away feature that allows the operator to drive parallel to the fence line. When a fence post comes along, the swing-away arm negotiates around the post, repositioning itself after clearing the post.

The dirt removal attachment is shipped with all Fence Mower models. The suggested retail price of the Fence Mower is $3,799. Contact Wright Mfg., Dept. FIN, 40452 Kelley Rd., Hempstead, TX 77445, 713/501-5356, visit or, or circle 198.

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