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Raven buys Fluent

Raven Industries has acquired Fluent Systems, LLC, a privately held company based in Madison, WI, for approximately $1 million cash.

Raven, which is seeking to expand its position in precision agriculture through its Flow Controls division, purchased Fluent primarily for its unique wireless liquid level monitoring system for anhydrous ammonia tanks. The monitor uses wireless technology to instantly transmit the tank volume to an electronic receiver in the cab of a tractor. This allows the user to quickly track the quantity of product in the tank without getting out of the tractor to check the actual tank gauge.

Dan Rykhus, FCD general manager, said that “Raven is committed to precision agriculture and providing new products to fit the needs of the marketplace. The Fluent Systems acquisition will allow us to expand this initiative and find new niches for control technology that will help growers be more efficient.” In addition, he said, the use of wireless technology has many applications in agriculture. “We expect to incorporate wider use of this technology throughout our entire product line,” Rykhus said.

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