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Convenient soybean inoculants

THREE NEW soybean inoculants for the 2008 growing season are available from Becker Underwood. The Vault inoculants are produced fresh each year to ensure that the products deliver vigorous rhizobia to the seed.

Vault is available in liquid and dry formulations. Vault LVL is a low-volume liquid inoculant that is professionally applied to the soybeans. Vault NP is a highly concentrated liquid inoculant that may be applied by the grower on-seed or in-furrow. Vault SP is a highly potent, sterile, peat-based inoculant for on-seed applications. It is packaged in 28-oz. packets that treat up to 1,000 lbs. of seed.

Contact Becker Underwood, Dept. FIN, Box 667, Ames, IA 50010, 800/892-2013, visit, or, or circle 159.

Flexible soybean herbicide

A new broadleaf herbicide that offers residual control in the fall and spring is available from FMC. Authority MTZ is a preplant treatment that controls a variety of broadleaves shown to exhibit resistance to glyphosate and ALS herbicides. The new herbicide offers a four-month recropping interval (at application rates up to 14 oz./acre).

Authority MTZ is applied at a rate of 10 to 14 oz./acre for fall weed control in no-till or conservation-till fields. It also may be applied up to 45 days before planting and as late as three days after planting. FMC recommends applying Authority MTZ as a tankmix with glyphosate and/or Rage D-Tech for extra burndown.

Contact FMC Corp., Dept. FIN, 1735 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19103, 215/299-6000, visit or, or circle 160.

New seed treatment

NUFARM AMERICAS has obtained federal registration for a new seed treatment on corn, cotton, sorghum and soybeans. Senator 600 FS is an imidacloprid formulation designed for treatment against sucking and chewing pests, such as aphids, thrips and bean leaf beetles.

Contact Nufarm Americas Inc., Dept. FIN, 150 Harvester Dr., Suite 200, Burr Ridge, IL 60527, 630/455-2000, visit or, or circle 161.

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