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Precision tractor

Italian tractor designer Same Duetz-Fahr recently introduced its new 135- and 150-hp Rubin tractors. Both machines use sophisticated electronics to control engine speed under varying conditions. A specially designed hand throttle allows the operator to select maximum and minimum operating speeds at the touch of a button, similar to the cruise control on a luxury car. The low-slung, techy Rubin tractors sport many other useful features, such as an electronically controlled hydraulic reverser that allows the operator to change direction without clutching, and electronically controlled front and rear lift systems that allow precise control of implements. The electronic system is also ready to communicate with "intelligent" implements for site-specific applications. The tractor is available with either an electronic powershift with 18 gears (forward and reverse) or a super-reduction with 9 powershift gears in 3 ranges (27 forward and 27 reverse). PTO speed 540/1,000 can be selected from inside the cab or from the rear fender. Contact Same Duetz-Fahr, Dept. FIN, 1125 Regional Park Dr., Houston, TX 77060, 281/209-0293,

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