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JOHN DEERE is currently developing and testing its new Swath Control Pro for planters. Swath Control will turn planter sections on and off according to GPS readings. As a result, less seed will be used and planting will be more efficient because double planting in headland areas will be reduced. The new system ties into Deere's GreenStar 2 (GS2) rate controller and will work with other GreenStar components. Besides being able to be used on Deere planters, the system may be adapted to Kinze and Deere-Bauer-built planters.

Planter clutch systems from Tru Count will be used in Swath Control Pro. Deere reports that Tru Count's row-unit air clutches allow individual planter units to engage or disengage. Up to 16 sections of the planter may be controlled automatically.

Swath Control Pro will be tested in the field during the 2007 planting season and will be available for purchase for the 2008 season. Contact your John Deere dealer, call 866/993-3373, or visit Or contact Tru Count, Dept. FIN, 409 S. Bell Ave., Ames, IA 50010, 800/323-5026,

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