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SiteWinder GPS; Sickle Servicer


We noticed your publication did an article on the SiteWinder GPS [Mid-February 2006, page 40], and we have had numerous customers who purchased the product come to us for help with service because Terradox Corporation seems to be out of business.

Can you verify that they are out of business? Could you also assist us in determining what access to parts, service, technical manuals, etc. is available for those who purchased the SiteWinder?
J. Christian Degele
Cormac Systems & Service Inc.
Billings, MT

Robert Sprague from SiteWinderGPS explains that the company purchased the rights to all of Terradox Corporation's product line, including all hardware and software designs, when it went bankrupt last July. SiteWinderGPS has now set up service and support for previously purchased products. However, warranty claims have already been settled, so customers are no longer able to make such claims.

SiteWinderGPS is providing free software activations for any product as long as customers have a verifiable bill of sale. The company currently is being restructured and will have new systems and software available shortly. SiteWinderGPS will update its Web site,, with information as it becomes available. The previous Web site from Terradox Corporation,, is still active but redirects customers to the SiteWinderGPS site.

SiteWinderGPS is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. You can reach the company at 780/432-5252 or [email protected].


I need a part for a Sickle Servicer from Johnson Farm Machinery Company. Can you help me find the company?
LeRoy Miller
Churdan, IA

Johnson Farm Machinery was founded in 1943 and changed its name to Johnson Manufacturing in 2002. Contact the company at 38574 Kentucky Ave., Woodland, CA 95695, 530/662-1788.

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