Leica introduces mojoXact RTK upgrade option

Leica introduces mojoXact RTK upgrade option

Leica Geosystems now has a new high-accuracy real-time kinematic (RTK) upgrade option for use with the Leica mojo3D guidance display — the Leica mojoXact.

The Leica mojoXact can be mounted in any orientation inside the tractor cab and connected to the guidance display via a port expansion cable. It includes a Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receiver, inertial positioning technology and an interface for steering solutions.

MojoXact options include a built-in radio for mojoRTK base station connection, plus an external radio port and cellular modem compatibility. It uses open standards, including RTCM 3.x, for compatibility with third-party reference sources. Software for the mojoXact can be updated directly via USB flash drive or remotely via Leica’s Virtual Wrench integrated Web-based support and diagnostic tool.

Leica has not yet set the price for the mojoXact, but expects it to be around $9,000. For more information, visit www.AgGuidance.com.

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