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Trimble New Display With Dual Receivers

Trimble has added a new 12.1-in. touch-screen display with dual receivers, a new variable-rate application option for its EZ-Guide 500 lightbar system and two new GPS receivers. Trimble says the new display is about 35% larger than the 10.4-in. industry standard, yet requires no more space than its predecessor, the Field Manager display. Unlike with the Field Manager, navigation receivers and the optional RTK radio are incorporated into the FmX display instead of being built into the antenna package on the top of the cab.

The two receivers can access both GPS and GLONASS satellite signals and offer accuracy levels up to RTK. Having two built-in receivers allows the display to drive Trimble's automated AgGPS Autopilot vehicle steering system, as well as its TrueTracker implement steering or FieldLevel II land-leveling systems.

The display also can be used as a stand-alone manual guidance system and offers support for four external video cameras. Among other features, the display offers built-in 24-section boom section control.

A base FmX display with DGPS accuracy lists for $5,995. Unlocking the GLONASS feature costs $2,000. Activating the second receiver costs $750.

The new variable-rate application (VRA) option for the EZ-Guide 500 lightbar allows users to input field prescription maps to drive variable-rate applications. It is compatible with the Trimble EZ-Boom, as well as the Raven 400 and 600 SCS, Hardi HC5500, and Rawson Accurate. The VRA option can be added to existing EZ-Guide 500 lightbars for $750. A new EZ-Guide 500 lightbar with the VRA option lists for $3,745.

Price of the AgGPS 262 receiver starts at $2,995. Contact your local Trimble dealer or sales office, call 800/865-7438, visit www/ or, or circle 115.

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