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Teejet lower-cost steering option

TeeJet's CenterLine 230BP GPS guidance console now is compatible with the company's FieldPilot automated steering system. Recent firmware updates for the 230BP and the FieldPilot steering control module have improved steering accuracy compared to the CenterLine 220 and have more steering pattern capabilities.

CenterLine 230BP steering patterns include straight line, curved AB, headland circuit and center pivot guidance patterns. Other enhancements include the ability to set the lightbar sensitivity and the ability to connect to an external GPS receiver instead of using the internal receiver. Built-in boom section control includes the capabilities to calculate the area and to prevent spray boom activation outside a field boundary.

Existing CenterLine 230BP units and FieldPilot steering control modules can be updated via free firmware. List price of a new CenterLine 230BP with FieldPilot steering is $6,800. Contact TeeJet at 217/753-8424, visit or, or circle 109.

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