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Take a ride on a drone

Mitchell and Zach Fiene are cofounders of DMZ Aerial, an Agricultural Technology firm that offers ag technology services and data management. The cousins' core business is agricultural UAV sales however, they have recently branched out into other technologies including sensors, beacons, and data management devices.

The Fiene’s speak at agricultural conferences throughout the country, sharing what‘s new in the UAV Industry and what they’ve learned from flying Unmanned Systems nearly every day. At the 2015 Ag Equipment Technology Conference in Louisville last February, Zach gave an update on a few of their newest flight systems used to scout and analyze fields from the air.

One of these systems is the InspireAg multirotor scouting drone, which captures images in both the visible and Near Infrared light spectrums.

Hearing about these drones is one thing. Flying them is another. We asked Zach to put us in the cockpit of a drone to experience for ourselves some of the newest technologies, from high-res cameras and video feeds to apps that put the images on your iOS or Android Smart Device.

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