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Raven's Slingshot offers remote data transfer

Track vehicles, manage and transfer data, and make on-the fly changes to crop input application maps, all wirelessly from your laptop, desktop or mobile computer with a new service called Slingshot from Raven Industries. Slingshot takes the place of a standard real-time kinematic (RTK) tower network and provides subscribers with an RTK correction signal through the Internet, via mobile cell phone towers. A field hub in the cab receives the signal and gives you real-time access to the Internet, which provides for a suite of online services to help you manage your data and farm vehicles. Services include instant access to an online support team that can diagnose and service your precision farming equipment remotely.

Slingshot works with all brands of precision farming equipment. Suggested list price for the field hub is $2,000, which includes Internet and RTK capability. Contact Raven, Dept. FIN, 205 E. 6th St., Sioux Falls, SD 57104, 800/243-5435, or visit

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