Raven introduces fleet-monitoring version of Slingshot Field Hub

Raven introduces fleet-monitoring version of Slingshot Field Hub

Raven Industries’ new Fleet View version of the Slingshot Field Hub is designed to track field machinery at a lower cost than through the RTK-capable version of the Slingshot Field Hub.

The Fleet View option includes free access to Fleet View Basic, an online application that allows users to track vehicle locations from the home or office — or anywhere with an Internet connection. The application shows a vehicle's current status, speed, travel direction, latitude, longitude and wireless signal strength, as well as historical maps to track where vehicles have been.

"These new applications allow users to leverage the superior technology of our Slingshot platform for affordable support-vehicle tracking where RTK and field computer file transfer capabilities may not be necessary,” says Program Manager Clint Mundt.

Fleet View includes a low-profile combo antenna that can be installed out of sight. Like the Slingshot RTK Field Hub, the Field View Field Hub requires a data service subscription from a wireless service provider. The hub also can be used as an Ethernet connection to run a laptop, PDA or tablet computer.

The list price for a Fleet View Field Hub is $995. Upgrade options include a high-performance antenna system and a Slingshot RTK upgrade kit for full RTK and online capabilities. For additional information, contact a Slingshot dealer, call 800/243-5435, or visit www.ravenslingshot.com.



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