Raven Industries expands ag precision product line

Raven Industries expands ag precision product line

Raven Industries’ precision farming popularity was evident during the company’s recent Innovation Summit. Some 220 Raven dealers from around the world attended the summit held at the company’s training and research facility near Baltic, S.D.

According to Raven dealers, precision technology in agriculture has long passed the acceptance stage and is well into the necessity stage. One South Dakota dealer reported a huge demand for precision ag products from autosteer to field computers. He added that most farmers with 500 acres and more use the technology.

During this event, Raven dealers were able to test the company’s latest versions of their precision products on the machinery available for driving at the research center.

SmarTrax 6 is the newest version of Raven’s autosteering package. SmarTrax 6 features 3-D extreme terrain compensation that guides farmers on terraces and other difficult land formations. This version also includes faster calibration and top performance on straight line. Raven kits for SmarTrax 6 will work on more than 300 tractors and machine models.

An ISOBUS version of Sidekick Pro direct injection system is available.

Slingshot now has an E-Commerce site that lets users easily subscribe to Slingshot services.

Raven also released enhancements to Envizio Pro II, Viper Pro, Cruizer II, OmniRow and OmniSeed advanced planter and seeder control systems.

A new Raven Product Guide app is available for an iPad and Android.

The Raven Innovation Campus where the summit was held includes a new 7,150-sq.-ft. addition to the company’s 7,800-sq.-ft. training and research facility originally constructed in 2004. It was the first research center dedicated solely to precision agriculture.

For more information, visit www.ravenind.com.  

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