Prescription crop nutrient management tool now online

Prescription crop nutrient management tool now online

The i-F.A.R.M. Web-based program allows for real-time access to nutrient management tools.

Real-time access to complex nutrient management tools is a click away for users of the new i-F.A.R.M. Web-based resource management program from United Soils Inc. (USI).

i-F.A.R.M. is designed to bring sophisticated crop nutrient management tools to any Internet-connected computer running a Web browser, whether in the field or the office, says USI agronomist Greg Ikins. “We try to make things as easy as possible to get the best possible fertilizer recommendation to the field.”

The open-platform program’s tools allow importation of soil test data from any soil test laboratory, and yield data from major yield monitor brands. Web-based tools then manipulate data to develop downloadable fertilizer prescriptions based on soil fertility, nutrient removal from the previous crop, yield goals, fertilizer prices and other management factors. Mapping tools include multiple base layer options, including satellite imagery with and without roads, topographic maps, USDA common land units (CLU), field attributes and PLSS/county designations. Prescriptions are written for use by all major application controller brands.  

i-F.A.R.M. was developed in conjunction with AgIntegrated, a software development company specializing in agricultural applications. It is available through participating fertilizer dealers, often as part of a service package. Farmers also can subscribe to i-F.A.R.M.  directly from USI. The annual subscription fee for direct access to the program ranges from $400 to $600, plus a per-acre controller file creation fee. For more information, call 815/692-2626 or visit

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