Precision Planting launches iPad monitor application

Precision Planting launches iPad monitor application

Precision Planting has harnessed Apple’s iPad 2 tablet computer to provide real-time in-cab mapping of planter performance data captured by its 20/20 SeedSense monitor. The free FieldView App (application) uses the iPad as a secondary monitor and processor, as well as a mobile scouting and office computing tool, a first for agriculture, the company claims.

In the field, planting data, including population, singulation, spacing, row-unit ride and down force, are mapped on top of Google images downloaded using the iPad’s 3G cellular communications capability. The FieldView App stores planting data captured from the SeedSense monitor so it can be accessed via the iPad when in the office, when field scouting or in the combine when yields are being assessed.

Growers also can use the iPad to access Precision Planting’s online technical support system, including software updates, data transfer and data backup, and as a general computing and communications tool.

A FieldView base kit includes a FieldView Module (FVM), which feeds data from the SeedSense monitor to the tablet, a display harness, a RAM mount and a Gumdrop Drop Tech ruggedized tablet case. The system is compatible with any planter running a 20/20 SeedSense monitor. The suggested retail price is $970. Precision Planting recommends a 32 gigabyte (GB) iPad 2 with 3G, available from Precision Planting for $714. The tablet also is available from Apple and other retailers.

The free FieldView App is expected to be available at Apple’s iTunes store in mid-February. It includes field demos to test drive the system before going to the field. For information, visit

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