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Precision alliance

TWO MAJOR precision ag companies recently have created an alliance to develop new precision products for farming. Ag Leader of Ames, IA, with its precision ag software and hardware will collaborate with AutoFarm, Fremont, CA, a company known for precision positioning and intelligent control systems.

The allied companies have released two new products: the Integra display and ParaDyme steering system. Expect to see more new products from the two companies in the future.

Integra display

The Integra display, which features a 12.1-in., color, high-definition touch screen, manages all the operation controls in a tractor or vehicle. It includes a built-in steering and guidance system along with an on-screen lightbar. These features make the display an option for growers who want manual guidance but expect to upgrade in the future.

“Built-in manual guidance, full-screen mapping, planter and application control, yield monitoring, real-time data logging, and automated steering make up the core functionality of the new Integra display,” reports John Howard, Ag Leader product manager.

The Integra offers multiple map views to monitor applications. Four video camera inputs also are available on the display. It may be moved from vehicle to vehicle and is compatible with Ag Leader's InSight and Edge displays.

The Integra display will operate with the new ParaDyme automated steering system with cellular communication for remote diagnostics.

Price of the Integra display with Auto-Swath is about $4,750. Detailed pricing is available from Ag Leader dealers.


AutoFarm and Ag Leader unveiled a new precision farming system called ParaDyme. The system is a suite of precision farming tools: planter control, application control, yield monitoring, data logging and mapping, and GPS steering.

ParaDyme features a dual-antenna roof module that is easy to install and provides sub-inch steering accuracy, according to AutoFarm. The ParaDyme is interfaced with the Integra or Edge displays.

In addition, ParaDyme is equipped with factory-installed wireless communications that allow operators to request help for in-field technical support. The technicians can access ParaDyme remotely to diagnose problems.

ParaDyme supports WAAS, OmniStar HP/XP, and RTK differential systems and more than 350 vehicle platforms. Operators also may use this equipment with a CORS network.

Prices range from $6,885 for an entry-level assisted steering system to $23,330 for a top-end steering system that includes ParaDyme.

Contact AutoFarm at 877/947-7327 or Contact Ag Leader at 515/232-5363 or

More innovations from Ag Leader


This new assisted steering system from Ag Leader features easy installation. It does not require the removal of the steering wheel but instead latches on and off the wheel. According to the company, it also has a high-torque, positive gear drive that delivers turning power without the slippage that occurs with friction motor steering systems. Price: $3,695.

OptRx crop sensor

A new crop sensor will read a plant's nitrogen needs and relay the information to a variable-rate applicator. The OptRx crop sensor helps provide on-the-go nitrogen application for efficient use of the fertilizer. In addition, OptRx may be used for mapping and data collection. Price of a complete one-sensor kit: $5,075.

Edge display options

Ag Leader has added guidance, steering and boom height control to the Edge display capabilities. A new full-featured guidance system with on-screen lightbar is included for manual guidance. In addition, Edge will interface with OnTrac2, the new ParaDyme automated steering system, and the Norac UC5 spray height controller. Prices start at $2,195.

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