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The InfoAg precision ag conference celebrated 20 years in late July. Approximately 1,500 people flocked to the St. Louis Union Station July 28-30, and the total number of attendees in the 20 years the event has taken place tops 10,000. An enormous amount of change has happened in precision agriculture in those 20 years – that was a common theme among the speakers at the event. And adopting to that change is something growers must do.

“We have to practice being uncomfortable every day,” said Ron Olson, Olson & Associates, in a session on the first day of InfoAg. And the growers in attendance at the show certainly seemed to be some of the kinds of folks that do just that. The drone sessions were packed to the brim with people, and when the audience was asked if they are already operating a drone on their farms, dozens of people shot their hands up.

The event not only features in-depth sessions on precision ag, but there’s also a robust tradeshow featuring some of the newest technologies available.  Here we provide a roundup of both the hot topics and new products discussed and seen at the show.

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