New UAS from Trimble for aerial scouting

New UAS from Trimble for aerial scouting

Trimble announced in late January that it is adding a new Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) to its line of products for agriculture. The Trimble UX5 will be available for growers to use for aerial imaging and mapping in order to monitor crop health throughout the growing season.

The system can be used for detecting pests, weeds and nitrogen deficiencies, and it can also locate cattle and their available forage over large areas. The UX5 flies at 50 mph and can operate in wind and light rain. Its camera is near-infrared (NIR) enabled, and in a 50-min. flight, it can cover a two square kilometer area (0.8 square mile).

The output from a flight includes geo-referenced images, a digital surface model (DSM) showing elevations as a color image, and a dense 3D point cloud that includes elevations. And a quick turnaround on the data allows growers to identify issues as they happen during the growing season.

The suggested retail price of the Trimble UX5 is $50,999 and includes the complete solution (plane, ground control station with radio modem, launcher, near-infrared camera, spare parts and all software). Trimble is also offering training for system operators. For more information or to locate a reseller, visit

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