New tools for on-the-go soil mapping



Veris Technologies has added two new compact real-time soil mapping tools for use with ATVs. 


The ATV-mounted pH Detector real-time pH mapping system is capable of mapping several hundred acres per day. For each sample, the pH probe is inserted in the soil. Seven to 10 seconds later, a geo-referenced pH measurement is recorded. The cost for each sample is pennies, thanks to a durable metalloid pH sensor. 


The Quad EC1000 is a soil electroconductivity mapping system. It features four tine-mounted disks. Two of the disks inject electrical current and two measure the voltage drop in the top 30 cm of soil. This electrical conductivity is related to soil texture, with clay being highly conductive. The new system is ideal for developing management zones and variable rate seed population prescriptions, according to Veris.


The suggested retail price for the pH Detector is $6,000. The retail price of the Quad EC1000 is $9,600. For more information, visit

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