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New Outback Guidance Products from Hemisphere GPS

HEMISPHERE GPS has added three new precision products to its Outback Guidance line, as well as the Hemisphere-branded G10 all-in-one steering and guidance rooftop module designed for AGCO tractors. The new Outback offerings are the eDriveX autosteering system, the A220 GPS antenna and A221 RTK (real-time kinematic) base station.

The initial version of the G100 rooftop module, which connects to the ISOBUS port of the in-cab terminal, is compatible with AGCO Auto-Guide Ready tractors, including AGCO DT-b and RT-a, Challenger MT600C and Massey 6400, 7400 and 8600 series tractors. Future firmware releases will be compatible with additional vehicles. The plug-and-play device automatically senses which machine it is connected to for immediate start-up and operation, according to Jeff Farrar of Outback Guidance.

The G100 module includes an antenna, a single-frequency receiver offering sub-meter (WAAS-level) accuracy, plus auto-steer electronics. The list price is $4,200.

The eDriveX autosteering system, the A220 GPS antenna and A221 base station are Outback's first centimeter-accuracy guidance system offering.

The eDriveX features six-axis inertial compensation and integrated wheel angle sensing. It has proportional hydraulics for precise control and line acquisition. Vehicle-specific installation kits are available for 145 agricultural vehicle models.

The A220 smart antenna includes a dual-frequency GPS receiver and antenna in a single enclosure. It offers sub-meter and decimeter differential GPS, as well as centimeter RTK positioning accuracy. It supports OmniStar HP/XP corrections and offers Hemisphere GPS's exclusive Coast technology, allowing it to maintain an accurate solution for up to 40 min. if a differential signal is lost.

The A221 base station adds RTK capability to an A220 antenna equipped with an optional RTK radio.

The manufacturer's suggested list price for the eDriveX is $6,995. The list price for the A220 antenna is $4,995. The optional RTK radio plus RTK-unlock lists for $2,000. The A221 RTK base station lists for $6,995. For more information, call 800/247-3808, visit or, or circle 157.

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