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New Leica mojoMini

THE NEW Leica mojoMini combines 3-D lightbar guidance with standard street navigation to guide you anywhere you need to go. The company claims it can be transferred from the tractor to your on-road vehicle in minutes.

In the field, the Leica mojoMini acts as a 3-D lightbar guidance system to keep you on the row. A 4.3-in. touch-screen display has multiple guidance options, including AB parallel, A+ heading, contour, and pivot guidance for use in many field types. On-road navigation software, complete with voice commands and lane assistance technology, allows you to use the same hardware in your car.

Suggested list price: $1,495, which includes the SmartAg antenna for in-field use and the personal navigation screen for field and street guidance. For more information, visit,, or, or circle 158.

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