Leica beefs up steering options, steering display features


Leica Geosystems has expanded its navigation system offerings with a new hydraulic steering kit for older tractors, plus new steering patterns and other features on its Leica mojo3D and mojoMINI displays.

The new SteerDirect Hydraulic system is a compact, integrated solution that connects the Leica mojoRTK console to the vehicle’s steering system via a simple, single-bracket hydraulic kit. This system was designed with a number of cost-saving features, including a simplified design for easier installation. Kits, which will be released in March, will be available for several popular tractors. Prices have not been set.

Leica also has added new steering patterns and boundary measuring capabilities to the mojo3D guidance display. The new Ultimate Curve guidance option allows a vehicle to precisely follow its last pass, no matter how complicated the curve. The new Boundary Recording feature precisely measures field sizes when the operator drives boundaries to more precisely determine input requirements. Both features are available free of charge to existing mojo3D display owners via its built-in Virtual Wrench cellular communications system.

Several new features also have been added to the Leica mojoMINI display. They include Boundary Recording for calculating field areas and Coverage Mapping to allow operators to see what ground has been covered as they work the field. A third new feature, called Continue Field, saves current information so operators can return to the job and know where to start and see what’s already been covered. Current owners can add the new features with a free download from the Leica website.

For information and access to downloads, visit www.AgGuidance.com.

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