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LCD protector improves visibility

NuShield’s DayVue antireflective film enhances brightness and contrast, improves viewing angles and protects LCD screens from scratches. Now available for use on agricultural tractor and combine cab displays, it improves apparent screen brightness by filtering out 99% of ultraviolet light from reaching the screen or reflecting back to the eyes, as shown on the right side of the monitor in the photo. It also resists abrasion and chemicals and has a light adhesive backing to keep it in place. Kits are available for the John Deere 2600 display and Insight, Edge and EZ-Guide devices from AgLeader. Kits also are available for cell phones, camera displays and laptop computers. Film can be custom-cut for use on additional devices.

Suggested retail prices typically range from $15 to $25. Contact NuShield Inc., Dept. FIN, 2865 S. Eagle Rd., #400, Newtown, PA 18940-1546, 877/900-9192.

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