Intuicom adds new RTK bridge


Intuicom’s new RTK Bridge-M in-cab cellular bridge includes several user-friendly features that simplify setup and operation. These include a new front panel that allows users to monitor operation and troubleshoot performance issues, as well as a graphical user interface that eases setup chores.

“Lights on the front panel let you monitor status real time,” says Joe Tradii, product manager. “If you are having a problem, you know whether it is the cellular network or whether it is the RTK data stream.”

Intuicom has negotiated with major cellular providers to allow users to access cellular data plans without signing up for a long-term contract. This eliminates monthly data plan charges when the bridge isn’t being used, says Tradii. Separate versions of the bridge are available for major cellular network systems, including systems using both GSM and CDMA protocols.

The suggested retail price is $1,595. That’s $500 less than the Intuicom RTK Bridge-C, which includes a radio for broadcasting RTK signals to radio-equipped rovers. For information, visit

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