Hemisphere GPS introduces Outback MAX with ConnX data transfer service

Hemisphere GPS introduces Outback MAX with ConnX data transfer service

The new Outback MAX integrated display terminal from Hemisphere GPS offers section and variable rate control, GPS and GLONASS guidance, video support for up to four cameras, plus wireless data transfer capabilities to automatically import and export prescription application maps, as-applied files and other critical precision agriculture data.

The Outback MAX features a high-definition, ultra-bright 10.4-inch touch-screen display with an efficient mapping engine that enables it to stack multiple imagery and data layers for simultaneous viewing. It has an intuitive interface for simple access to important features, plus tools that streamline creation of shortcuts and favorites for common tasks. It is compatible with the Outback eDriveX with eTurns automated steering system at accuracies down to the centimeter level.

The optional Outback ConnX data management system provides seamless data transfer between the Outback MAX terminal, the farm office and service providers using AgJunction, AgVerdict, NutriScription HD, OptiGro and Precision.Ag data platforms. The ConnX cellular modem also accesses RTK correction signals and will provide Internet connectivity for real-time weather and market information via a custom Web browser expected to be available by the end of 2012.

The suggested retail price for Outback MAX is $5,995 for WAAS accuracy, $7,495 for OmniStar HP/XP accuracy and $8,995 for RTK accuracy. The bundled price for the ConnX service, including a terminal unlock, a CDMA cellular modem, a cellular data plan and access to the ConnX website, is $2,695. For information, visit www.OutbackMAX.com.

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