Hemisphere GPS adds electric steering wheel for Outback eDrive


The Outback eDrive automated steering system now has an electric steering wheel option to complement its hydraulic-based steering system. Called the eDriveVSi, the electrically controlled steering wheel will be available for swathers, tractors, sprayers, harvesters and other farm machinery.

The electrically controlled steering wheel replaces the existing steering wheel in the vehicle. It is designed to deliver decimeter-level steering control accuracy ideal for broad-acre applications such as swathing, spraying and spreading, according to Outback.

The eDriveVSi is currently compatible with the eDriveTC console and Outback Sts and will be compatible with Outback S3 in the future. Initially, eDriveVSi kits will be available for most popular models of swathers. Additional custom installation kits will be available for other models and types of farm machinery in the future. The suggested retail price for eDriveVSi steering wheel is $4,590. For information, visit the Outback web site.

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