Digi-Star acquires RDS Technology

Digi-Star acquires RDS Technology

Digi‐Star LLC has acquired the U.K. based company RDS Technology. RDS Technology designs and manufactures a range of instrumentation for the agriculture and mobile machinery industry.

Grant Ihrke, Digi‐Star's President said, "RDS and Digi‐Star have numerous synergies with electronics and sensors for the agricultural and industrial markets that will complement each other's customers. Both companies will benefit from the expanded product lines and total integrated solutions for their international customers with scales and controls needs."

RDS provides customized solutions to the agricultural and industrial machinery industry. Digi‐Star and RDS engineers will continue to work closely with manufacturing customers to provide economic solutions that meet their technical requirements and improve the profitability and on‐farm efficiency for the end user.

For more information, visit http://www.digi-star.com/

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