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Precise planting

The SingulatorPlus meter is the major focus of the 3010P precision planting system from Great Plains. The meter singulates row crops such as soybeans and corn, or volumetrically meters small grains. The large meter wheel turns slowly, allowing the meter to operate efficiently at planting speeds over 8 mph. The row units incorporate planter-style seed tubes, so each row can be monitored with an optional flow and/or population monitor. Operators can choose between side-depth gauging openers with spring-loaded press wheels, or rear-depth gauging press wheels. They can also switch from planting row crops on 7 1/2 in. to 15 or 30 in. by simply shutting off row units. Meters are available in 24- and 30-ft. folding models. Prices start at $61,000. Contact Great Plains Mfg. Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 5060, Salina, KS 67402-5060, 785/823-3276,

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