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Practical hauling

Haul more than pallets and headers on the upper deck of Landoll's 930/950 Traveling Tail trailers when you opt for its new deck ramp.

With the push of a button, you can load skid steers, small tractors or large mowers, or position the front wheels of a larger tractor onto the upper deck for added space. A push/pull button located on the side control panel of the trailer activates the air bag of the air-operated ramp. A locking latch system safely supports the ramp and load in the up position. It is constructed from 3/16-in., 80,000-psi steel and is installed at manufacture. Weight capacity: 10,000 lbs. Price: 2,725 dollars.

Traveling Tail trailers feature an axle assembly that moves fore and aft to lower the tail for loading. Because the distance from the king pin to the center rear axle is longer than that of competitors' models, the trailer can scale more weight. Weight capacity: 35 tons, model 930; 50 tons, model 950. Suggested base price range: 38,930 dollars to 51,925 dollars. Contact Landoll Corp., Dept. FIN, 1900 North St., Marysville, KS 66508, 785/562-5381.

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