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Powerful Gators

John Deere is filling the gaps in its redesigned Gator series that it introduced a year ago. This fall, Deere introduced three new Gators in the medium-duty category. The new models join the rest of Deere's utility vehicle line that includes two compact models — the Gator CS and CX — and four high-performance (HP) models — the Gator HPX, HPX 4×4, HPX diesel and HPX 4×4 diesel.

The latest Gators are geared to the utility vehicle's medium-duty segment, which is one of the market's fastest-growing segments. About 50% of all utility vehicles purchased annually fit the medium category with vehicle weights from 900 to 1,800 lbs. Many buyers, including farmers, use these vehicles for work and not just recreation.

The new John Deere models, called the Traditional or T-series Gators, are the Gator TS, Gator TX and Gator TH 6×4. All of the models boast speeds of 20 mph and offer more power that previous generations of Gators. Deere beefed up the braking and improved operator comfort on the new Gators, too.

All three models are equipped with continuously variable transmission, hand-operated differential lock, and an independent, spring-over-shock, single A-arm front suspension. The Gators will hold 5.2 gal. of fuel.

Gator TS

The smallest of the new Gators, the TS model is powered by a 10-hp, 286-cc Kawasaki engine. Designed with more low-end torque, the TS will tow 900 lbs. and will handle a 500-lb. load in the cargo box or a total payload of 900 lbs. It weighs 915 lbs. and is 8 ft. 8 in. long. It retails for $5,999. Circle 215.

Gator TX

The medium model of the T-series is the Gator TX. It is equipped with a new 13-hp, 401-cc Kawasaki engine. The TX features an all-wheel suspension and a 3-in.-longer wheelbase for improved ride over rough ground. It also includes all-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. The TX will hold 600 lbs. in the cargo box or a total payload of 1,000 lbs. and will tow 1,000 lbs. The vehicle weighs 1,032 lbs. and is 8 ft. 9 in. long. It retails for $6,799. Circle 216.

Gator TH 6×4

The new Gator TH 6×4 features the largest engine with a new 19-hp, 675-cc Kawasaki. Deere improved the transmission so the model has increased power and low-end torque that improves the drawbar pull by 25%. The cargo box capacity of this larger model is 1,000 lbs. The total payload is 1,400 lbs., and towing capacity is 1,400 lbs. This model is about 8 ft. 10 in. long and weighs 1,087 lbs. The retail price for the Gator TH 6×4 is $8,699. Circle 217.

For more information, contact John Deere Commercial & Consumer Equipment Div., Dept. FIN, Box 13603, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, 800/537-8233, or visit or

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