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New Apache sprayer has more capacity, horsepower

The new 2007 model Apache sprayer 710 boasts a number of improvements over the popular 2006 model that accounted for 30% of Equipment Technologies’ total sales for the year. Cab enhancements include a sound barrier mat in the lower windshield, a new location for the muffler, and double-pane, laminated glass windshields, all designed to make the cab quieter and more comfortable. “In our view, we have taken a machine with a remarkable first-year launch and made it even better — especially the creature comforts,” says Chad Ringer, Equipment Technologies lead engineer.

The new AS 710 is equipped with a 750-gal. tank for more capacity and JCB four-speed power shift, torque-converted transmission. It is powered by a 6-cyl., 155-hp diesel engine. “The 155-hp diesel engine, the efficiency of our mechanical drive train, and the lightweight design make for a great combination: low fuel consumption and an impressive power-to-weight ratio,” Ringer states.

Equipment Technologies first introduced the sprayer in 2006 as a vehicle for customer applicators who need capacity and power from a smaller machine. “A lot of guys have either upgraded from a 400-gal. sprayer or made this their first new self-propelled unit,” reports Jim Bates, vice president of sales and marketing.

The company reports that the Apache mechanical drive system is more economical than a hydrostatic drive because it is rugged and less expensive to maintain and owners often are able to repair the vehicle themselves.

The suggested retail price of the new Apache 710 sprayer is $120,000. Contact Equipment Technologies, 2201 Hancel Pkwy., Mooresville, IN 46158, 800/861-2142, or visit

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