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Post-frame innovation

An increasing number of new post-frame buildings start with a continuous poured foundation. That arrangement is good for preventing premature rot because it keeps wood posts out of the soil. But building this way creates the challenge of finding an efficient and structurally sound way to attach the posts to the foundation.

Perma-Column Inc. offers a solution with its new Strudi-Wall brackets. One version is designed to be drilled and bolted into hard concrete. Another configuration works by setting the bracket in wet cement so that the concrete can harden and cure around it. Once the bracket is solidly in position, the wood posts can be bolted onto it.

Sturdi-Wall brackets start at $19.50. Builders and suppliers can purchase them for less in higher quantities. For more information, contact Perma-Column Inc., 400 Carol Ann Lane, Ossian, IN 46777, 800/622-7190, or visit

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