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Post driver and puller

Take the shock and frustration out of driving steel fence posts. PostMate is a heavy-duty guided T post driver and puller that steers the post and keeps it from twisting. The design reduces shock to the user's hands and reduces post damage. The unit attaches from the side of the post instead of over the top to allow driving and pulling any height T post at the user's level. It does not interfere with existing fence or wire.

PostMate weighs 34 lbs. with the actual driver mechanism at 19 lbs. Suggested retail price: $198. The manufacturer, T-Mate-O of Charlestown, IN, plans to sell versions for U posts, square tube sign posts and pneumatic models in the future. For more information, contact Specialty Converting and Supply Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 913, Nashville, GA 31639, 800/524-7567,

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