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Portable welder, portable power

Now available with a Honda engine, Lincoln's Power Arc 4000 can weld on site with 1/8-in. electrode or be used as a power source with 120 and 240v, 60-Hz receptacles.

The unit features a simple, single dial control instead of a tap design. The Honda engine is a 9-hp GX270 OHV overhead valve with a cast-iron cylinder sleeve for wear. The engine has an auto shutdown if oil is low. For starting, an automatic compression release reduces recoil pulling force. It also has a built-in spark arrester that keeps electrical sparks from spitting out of the exhaust pipe and a 1.6-gal. fuel tank. List price: 1,732 dollars. Contact Lincoln Electric, Dept. FIN, 22801 St. Clair Ave., Cleveland, OH 44117, 216/481-8100, HYPERLINK

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