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Kinze multi-hybrid planter and how it works

In December 2013, Kinze unveiled an industry-first concept: an electric multi-hybrid planter. The system allows a grower to switch hybrids on-the-go without having to stop and refill the seed hopper. The technology that allows for the multi-hybrid planting lies in the electric-driven motors. Kinze unveiled those electric motors on their 4900 Series planter, and now they are taking it one step further by offering multi-hybrid planting.

And just before National Farm Machinery Show this year, the company announced that Raven is the technology provider helping to make it all work. Visitors at NFMS in February got a first-hand look at just how that meter works with a display on hand at the Kinze booth. The accompanying video, provided by Kinze, helped educate show attendees about the new concept. To learn more, visit or check out more of our coverage of Kinze's new system below.

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