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Oil filter coil

A new filtration device works with your current filter to trap up to 60% more debris in engine oil. The Halex Coil from Halex Magnetic Filtration Devices uses a neodymium magnet, which is 100 times stronger than regular magnets, to draw waste particles that are too small for a regular filter to catch. The coil attaches to the outside of the existing oil filter and, using a magnetic field within the walls of the canister, attracts up to 90% of the iron in the oil and 20 to 60% of nonferrous contaminates. The filter is reusable and reduces soot, emissions and wear.

Prices of 3- to 7 1/2-in. filters range from $215 to $256. Contact Halex Magnetic Filtration Devices Inc., Dept FIN, Box 1568, Bethlehem, PA 18106, 610/865-3351, or visit

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