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No-Till Seeding

Schaffert Manufacturing introduces a new Rebounder that improves how seed is distributed from several models of John Deere no-till drills. The Super Tuff Rebounder fits into the narrow-seed V opening created by the angle disc and seed boot. The concave device fits and rubs both sidewalls of the seed trench. It also is designed to help eliminate seed drag and mud buildup.

Only one bolt on the seed boot is required to install the Rebounder. It fits on the John Deere 750, 1560, 1860, 1590 and 1890 drills.

Suggested retail price is $10 for each Rebounder and $5 for the bracket. Contact Schaffert Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, 71495 Rd. 397, Indianola, NE 69034, 800/382-2607, visit or, or circle 151.

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