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Nitrogen-fertilizer enhancer

Specialty Fertilizer Products (SFP) says its new additive for dry and liquid nitrogen fertilizer, called NutriSphere-N, increases nitrogen-use efficiency through the entire growing season.

According to the company, NutriSphere-N helps prevent nitrogen losses caused by leaching and volatilization by "creating an active shield that manages nitrogen in the soil. This shield prevents the action of urease in volatilization and slows nitrification reactions, which lead to nitrate leaching, and allows the plant better access to stable forms of nitrogen throughout the growing season." The company adds that naturally occurring soil bacteria and enzymes are not destroyed in this process.

SFP reports that, in university research trials, corn applied with urea in combination with NutriSphere-N produced an average yield increase of 13 bu./acre compared to corn applied with conventional urea fertilizer.

NutriSphere-N is available for urea and liquid nitrogen fertilizers. It is a biodegradable and water-soluble polymer that is environmentally safe.

For more information, contact Specialty Fertilizer Products, 134 Cherry Hill Dr., Belton, MO 64012, 888/446-4769, or visit

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