Farm Industry News

New soybean premium

Growers who buy at least 200 units of NK Brand Roundup Ready soybeans for the first time or increase their annual order of the brand by 200 units will receive at least a $0.09/bu. premium on the soybeans. The premium could increase to $0.21/bu. if the grower uses CruiserMaxx seed treatment and Syngenta brands of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. The company notes that, for existing customers, the premium is only given on the additional purchase.

The premium is available in the new program called the Syngenta AgriEdge Grain Premium Program. To qualify, a farmer may purchase the NK Brand RR soybeans from Garst, Golden Harvest or NK Brand. “Our early soybean orders are well ahead of last year, and this AgriEdge program is the reason why,” reports Brad Wiersum, head of soybean marketing, Syngenta.

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