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New from the National Farm Machinery Show

Farmers and tractor-pull enthusiasts came in record numbers, almost 288,000, to Louisville in mid-February for the country's largest indoor agricultural exposition. Check out some of the new products we uncovered.

Pump tracker The first electronic display to track your ground-driven metering pump's application rate is new from John Blue Company. The LM-1000 Pump Calculator-Data Tracker provides you with the pump setting and tracks ground speed, acres covered, application rate in gallons per acre, distance traveled, flow rate in gallons per minute, and pump speed. Features include a lighted readout and weatherproof cable connectors. Installation is easy because there is only one connection; you simply mount a magnetic rpm sensor on the metering pump and connect to the display. Price: $695. Contact John Blue Co., Dept. FIN, Box 1607, Huntsville, AL 35807, 800/253-2583.

Till in a zone The Zone-Tiller Plus carrier from Unverferth allows for prescription nutrient placement on one or both sides of the rowwhen it's combined with the company's seedbed prep tool, the Zone Tiller, hitched in front of a planter or drill. A compact, heavy-duty design uses dual 12.5 x 15 wheels and tires to transport a 500-gal. tank. A ground-driven piston pump and flow monitor moves and tracks the liquid. And it easily attaches to pull-type and Cat. III 3-pt. planters and drills. An electronic monitor option is available. Price: $14,500. Contact Unverferth Mfg. Co. Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 357, Kalida, OH 45853, 800/322-6301.

Strip-till tool Create residue-free planting strips while applying dry, liquid or both types of fertilizer with Remlinger's new Precision Strip Till (PST) machine. Available in a 6-row, 8-row or folding 12-row design, the PST features floating 15-in. trash wheels; heavy-duty coulter with depth band; chrome cap deep ripper points; 18-in. notched closing discs; parallel link on each row for uniform depth of 5, 6_1/2 or 8 in.; optional shear bolts or reset shanks; and optional dry and wet fertilizer tubes. Price range: $7,525 to $17,600. Contact Remlinger Mfg. Co. Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 299, Kalida, OH 45853, 800/537-7370.

Extend feeder chain life Case IH Axial-flow combine owners can extend feeder chain life and cut noise with Terog's new and improved feeder chain roller kit. The kit, which keeps the chain off the upper and lower wear plates with 4_1/2-in. rollers (formerly 3_1/2 in.) comes complete and ready for installation. Kits also are available for earlier 60 and 80 series Case IH models. Price: $310 for three-strand chain; $232 for two-strand chain. Contact Terog Mfg., Dept. FIN, 387 Atlantic Ave., Stephen, MN 56757, 800/423-3918.

Built to disc Krause adds to its disc harrow lineup by introducing the new 4995 series models that will cut a path from 27 to 35_1/2 ft. wide. The company has beefed up the frame with an average of 470 lbs./ft. of cut to penetrate tough primary tillage conditions or finesse finish a seedbed. It also has added heavier Rock-Flex bearing arms to handle tough obstacles. Other features include SuperSeal greasable gang bearings, 22- or 24-in. blades spaced 8 or 91/8 in. apart, walking tandem system for precise depth control, and a 7-ft.-long, self-leveling hydraulic hitch. Price range: $28,834 to $36,625. Contact Krause Corp., Dept. FIN, Box 2707, Hutchinson, KS 67504, 800/957-2873.

Bust up clods When pulled behind a disc or field cultivator, the Optimizer Pulverizer helps create an ideal seedbed with fewer trips across the field, according to its manufacturer. Its iron wheels interlock at the hub so each section is driven as one gang. Model working widths vary from 10 to 46 ft. with a transport width from 11 to 163/4 ft. Features include a choice of seven types of pulverizer wheels, a telescoping drawbar, single hydraulic circuit to lift and fold, and auto transport lock. Price range: $4,100 to $18,000. Contact Brillion Iron Works Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 127, Brillion, WI 54110, 800/409-9749.

Windrow your rocks If rocks are an annual battle for you, check out the new SRW 1400 pivoting rock windrower from Saskatchewan-based Schulte Industries. This 14-ft.-wide rig not only windrows small to medium rocks for easier pickup, its roto-tilling action breaks up lumps and levels ground. The patented floating drum, which moves rocks using hard-surfaced teeth, is powered by a heavy-duty PTO drive line that features a slip clutch and shear bolts to handle shock loads. It requires 40 to 80 hp to run. Price: $10,900. Contact Schulte Industries Ltd., Dept. FIN, Box 70, Englefeld, Saskatchewan, Canada S0K 1N0, 306/287-3715.

Econo seed checker Dickey-john claims that its Seedu, a new planter and grain drill monitor, is an economical way to upgrade your monitoring system. This compact, easy-to-program unit can monitor 6 rows and 3 hopper sensors on a drill or 12 rows on a planter. One switch toggles through population, speed, area 1 and area 2. A low-flow alarm sounds when individual row units drop below average seed flow by a specified percentage. Price range: $1,700 to $2,300. Contact Dickey-john Corp., Dept. FIN, 5200 Dickey-john Rd., Auburn, IL 62615, 217/438-3371.

Oxygen-free silage Ag-Bag claims that its new smaller G6000 Ag-Bagger offers a low-cost, high-quality feed storage system for all size operations. Even bag compaction is achieved using full width feed deflectors, laser-cut stripper bars and 1-in. teeth. Other features include a cross conveyor, a swivel boom and bag cradle (8-, 9- or 10-ft. bag sizes are available), self-aligning steel cables with Mico disc brakes for optimum feed compaction, and fewer moving parts for less maintenance and repair. Price range: $22,981 to $39,738. Contact Ag-Bag International, Dept. FIN, 2320 S.E. Ag-Bag Lane, Warrenton, OR 97146, 800/334-7432.

Track your grain Carrying up to 975 bu. can weigh heavy on soil, but Killbros is lightening the load with 36-in.-wide tracks on its 1800 dual-auger grain cart. The company claims that the10-ft.-long tracks provide tighter turning for less soil disturbance and improved handling. Features include a 16-in. standard or extra-long auger that reaches 12_1/2 or 14 ft. from the ground, a 12-in. horizontal auger that helps empty the grain in 4_1/2 min., an unloaded weight of 16,840 lbs. and an optional scale package. Price: $48,605. Contact Killbros, Dept. FIN, 24325 St. Rt. 697W, Delphos, OH 45833, 419/695-2060.

Add life to augers To extend the life of worn combine, grain cart or transport auger flighting, Lundell Corporation developed high-wear UHMW plastic to fit over the face of the auger flight. The company plans to offer the plastic in different diameters, pitches and thicknesses and provide it preformed and predrilled. It will include a special plastic-capped bolt to ease on-farm installation. Since production won't begin until summer, a price has not yet been established. Contact Lundell Corp., Dept. FIN, 400 W. Market St., Odebolt, IA 51458, 712/668-2400.

Air seeding Sukup's 30-ft. air seeder offers new openers featuring parallel linkage for more level units and consistent seed depth. Off-set discs and wrenchless down pressure (from 100 to 700 lbs.) and depth adjustments offer improved precision and simplicity. The 96-bu. seed tank has been equipped with improved easy-adjust seed meters to individually meter each row and consistently deliver seed to the drill openers. According to the company, this results in an evenly populated and spaced seedbed. Price: $60,000. Contact Sukup Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 677, Sheffield, IA 50475, 515/892-4222.

Unique sidesaddle Demco's new SideQuest offers a different twist on a rear-mounted sprayer with side tanks. Extended rear-axle spindle mounts will hold either 350- or 500-gal. tanks on each rear wheel while still delivering excellent front to rear weight distribution. Transport width is 161/3 ft. when straddle duals are set on 120-in. centers. Features include a 60-ft., X-fold hydraulic boom with auto level, shock-spring flotation and hydraulic height adjuster; easy access control panel; easy 3-pt.-mount hookup; TeeJet or Raven sprayer control system; high-volume foam marker; and 55-gal. rinse tank. Price range: $17,000 to $18,000. Contact Demco-Dethmers Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 189, Boyden, IA 51234, 800/543-3626.

A Hardi sprayer New to the Hardi sprayer lineup is the Navigator 550 M-Falcon. This pull-type rig features a new economical, hydraulic, front-fold Falcon boom - available in 42-, 45- or 50-ft. widths - with patented self-stabilizing SPA suspension with trapeze arms, coil springs and shock absorbers that work together. Other features include high-clearance axle, 550-gal. tank with sight gauge, optional 90-gal. flush system, Hardi diaphragm pumps or Ace and Hypro centrifugal pumps, motorized valve control unit, 4-gal. clean water tank, and non-drip single or optional triple nozzle holders. Price range: $8,200 to $9,400. Contact Hardi Inc., Dept. FIN, 1500 W. 76th St., Davenport, IA 52806, 319/386-1730.

Drill corn too John Deere's new 15- or 20-ft. 1535 Tru-Vee drill combines MaxEmergePlus planter units underneath a 40- or 42-bu.-capacity central fill drill seedbox to plant both 30-in. corn or 15-in. soybeans. Features include adjustable pneumatic or heavy-duty spring down force, finger-pickup meter for corn or radial bean meter for singulating soybeans, ComputerTrak or SeedStar population monitoring and 3-pt. hitch mount or optional caddie cart. Price range: $24,000 to $31,000. Contact John Deere Marketing Center, Dept. FIN, 11145 Thompson Ave., Lenexa, KS 66219, 913/310-8324.

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