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New from the National Farm Machinery Show

The 2003 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville billed itself as “the showcase for the future of agriculture.”

But who wants to wait for the future? Our editors and Team FIN farmers hit the floor of America's largest indoor farm show in search of machinery, tools and technology that farmers can buy and use today. Here are just of few of the products that rose to the top of the thousands on display.


Top Air's redesigned TA 1600 T-tank sprayer boasts a 1,600-gal.-capacity tank and fully integrated boom for less bounce in the field. The sprayer features 80- and 90-ft. booms that are hydraulically adjusted on the go. The booms also fold to spray 60-ft. widths and then fold gull-wing style with three folds to a small transport width. A single-point quick fill allows a grower to fill both the main and rinse tanks without disconnecting the fill hose. Growers who need duals will find that the sprayer's wheel design allows a fast switch from singles to duals. List price for the sprayer starts at $37,745. Contact Alliance Product Group, Dept. FIN, Box 357, Kalida, OH 45853, 419/532-2585, visit or


The 2987 series Magnum coulter from Yetter helps place fertilizer in the soil at high speeds with low soil disturbance. It is designed for mid-row banding, side-dressing and preplant application in tilled or untilled soils. Built heavy, it features saddle lock mounting brackets that position the coulter to operate at a slight angle. The bracket eliminates any movement on the toolbar. Yetter's strongbox pivot housing keeps the Magnum coulter running at a 4° angle. Prices start at $384. Circle 201.

The new X series TOW trail-behind fertilizer opener also from Yetter works on planters with limited mounting space. The openers also may be used for dual application setups. The injection coulter may be spaced immediately adjacent to or several inches off the row, providing versatility. Two types of injectors are available for the coulter. One is a spring tine that runs a small-diameter tine directly into a slot cut by the coulter. The other is a liquid injector that injects fertilizer into the coulter blade slot. List price is $452, but varies depending on blade and fertilizer application.

Contact Yetter Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 358, Colchester, IL 62326, 800/447-5777, or visit or


A new liquid applicator with a 1,600-gal. elliptical tank from JM Innovations allows a grower to precisely apply fertilizer on more acres before stopping for a refill. The Premium Liquid Applicator features a deep sump tank and baffles. Custom applicators and producers with large operations will appreciate the applicator's ability to follow either 12- or 16-row planters. The wings of the 15-coulter model hydraulically fold up so only 11 coulters will follow a 12-row planter. The applicator features a tractor/truck combination hitch and may be ordered with either coulter or knife injection. Prices start at $27,500. Contact JM Innovations Inc., Dept. FIN, 9304 Hess Rd., Edwardsville, IL 62025, 800/541-0704, visit


Use the same plow bottom that Francis Childs uses to produce corn yields of 400+ bu. Salford Farm Machinery offers the conservation tillage bottom manufactured by Weis and designed with input from Childs, the well-known corn yield champion. The special conservation bottom works on all Salford plows, including the high-clearance model that reduces plugging problems due to high trash. The plow's under-beam clearance is 35 in. The conservation tillage plows with an on-land hitch start at $24,000.

Contact Salford Farm Machinery, Dept. FIN, 364018 McBeth Rd., Salford, Ontario, Canada N0J 1W0, 519/485-1293, visit or


A heavy-duty toolbar from Remlinger handles strip-till equipment or planting equipment. The new front-folding toolbar boasts high ground clearance, heavy ⅜- and ½-in.-wall tubing, and hydraulic cylinder for positive locking in field position. It is available with a 2-pt. hitch or single clevis-style hitch. The 40-ft. toolbar pictured retails for $35,500. A 60-ft. toolbar also is available. Contact Remlinger Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 299, Kalida, OH 45853, 800/537-7370, visit or


The new Timber Ax from Loftness Attachments will take down and grind trees into mulch. This heavy-duty tree shredder that attaches to a skid-steer loader will handle trees up to 8 in. in diameter. It chomps through unwanted trees, brush and grass with the same sharpened blades. The direction of the rotor and blade rotation lift material off the ground, so horsepower requirements are reduced. Suggested retail price is $16,495 for the front-mounted and hydraulically driven shredder. Sizes range from 43 to 83 in. Contact Loftness Attachments, Dept. FIN, Box 337, Hector, MN 55342, visit or


A new line of 2100 grain drills from Sukup for no-till or conventional tillage features a redesigned opener with a built-in secondary seed tube for planting warm season or native grasses. This optional seed tube with a 2½-in. diameter allows seed to flow through without plugging. Plus, the flexible tube is taut, preventing bends where seed gets stuck. Because the opener has sealed bearings, no greasing is required. The new drill is available in widths of 5, 7, 10 and 12 ft. The drills range in price from $5,377 for a 5-ft., 3-pt. conventional drill on 8-in. spacings to $14,913 for a 12-ft., pull-type no-till drill on 63/8-in. spacings. Contact Sukup Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 677, Sheffield, IA 50475, 641/892-4222, visit or


The Aitchison Agrispreader is an affordable fertilizer spreader for growers who need to fertilize small acreages. The spreader will hook to a tractor, pickup truck or ATV and holds loads of up to 2,640 lbs. It spreads fertilizer, granules and seeds. The units are constructed with a heavy-duty frame, polyethylene hoppers and nylon aperture openers. The spreader lists for $1,996. Contact Tigerco Distribution Co. Inc., Dept. FIN, 708 N. Main, Braymer, MO 64624, 800/432-4020, visit or


Large plastic seed boxes will someday be the most common way to handle seed, but handling the boxes can be labor intensive. Illinois grain farmer Dick Haas found a way to cut labor and the potential for injury when trying to store the boxes. He developed the Nester Box Inverter that attaches to a forklift. The device clamps onto the sides of the center-flow gravity box and allows the forklift to lift it. The grower manually rotates the box. The forklift is lowered, and the overturned box is “nested” on another box for storage.

Suggested retail price for the box inverter with new updated arms is $970. Haas now is working on an inverter that will automatically rotate the box instead of requiring manual rotation. Contact DBH LLC, Dept. FIN, 1960 N. 2200 E. Rd., LeRoy, IL 61752-9584, 309/962-4091, visit or


A new trencher attachment (not shown) allows you to use your tractor to dig tile trenches. Port Industries designed the new attachment for the New Holland TV140 tractor. The Hydramaxx 100TV trencher attachment features quick detach using the TV140 loader pocket. The hydraulic-drive, chain-trenching attachment cuts down to 5 ft. 6 in. deep and up to 20 in. wide. It retails for $35,000. Contact Port Industries Inc., Dept. FIN, 802 Industrial Dr., Palmyra, MO 63461, 800/562-8713, visit or


Turn individual air planter rows on or off to avoid double planting or skipping rows at field edges. The control box for the Row Control unit mounts in the tractor cab. When the driver flips a switch to cut off an individual row, a red indicator light comes on as a reminder. The operator doesn't need to get out of the cab, and original planter control warning systems are not affected. The system uses a motorized ball valve on each row to interrupt airflow. When the operator cuts off an individual row, the valve closes and no seeds are picked up.

Prices for 8- to 16-row planters range from $3,150 to $5,625. Contact Reddick Equipment Co. Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 71, Williamston, NC 27892, 800/334-3388, visit or


Chuck Fulk of Fulk Agri Services says his company's straight steel seed tubes are designed to keep seed on target all the way into the seed trench. More durable than plastic, the tubes should last for 1,000 acres or more before needing to be replaced, Fulk claims. He says steel may have other advantages over curved plastic tubes as well: Fastened directly to the planter, these tubes won't jar back and forth like plastic tubes do. And since the tubes are straight, seed is less likely to miss the trench, roll or bounce off target.

An optional front-mount liquid tube allows fertilizer to be placed at the bottom of the trench in the nutrient zone without actually contacting the seed. An optional rear-mount tube can apply seed treatments and pesticides on the seed or over the complete seed trench. Brackets on the back allow for add-ons including Keeton seed firmers and rebounders.

The tubes start at $65/row with a disc scraper and a rubber seed deflector. Contact Fulk Agri Services, Dept. FIN, 13245 Running Horse Rd., Platte City, MO 64079, 816/858-5836, visit or


Value-added, identity-preserved and other specialty grains increase the need for clean grain. A new pneumatic grain cleaner from Mathews Company will clean fines from grain, and an optional aspirator kit will remove bee wings. The cleaner fits on any current M-C model dryer. It is totally enclosed and low maintenance and moves screenings up to 100 ft.

The cleaner retails for $1,105. A single-phase blower and 3-hp motor kit cost $1,250. A three-phase blower and kit sell for $1,050. Contact Mathews Company, Dept. FIN, Box 70, Crystal Lake, IL 60039, 815/459-2210, visit or

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