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New ISOBUS-compliant products

Several new ISOBUS-compliant products were unveiled at the 2007 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY.

“Last year there was little mention of ISOBUS at the farmer/operator level at this major farm show,” says William Rudolph, general chairman of the North American ISOBUS Implementation Taskforce (NAIITF) and technical director with TeeJet Technologies. “This year John Deere had tractors with ISOBUS terminals and connections, New Holland showed tractors with ISO capabilities, and AGCO showed a tractor and baler with full ISOBUS systems on both.”

In addition, Great Plains showed a drill fully equipped with an ISOBUS implement controller. AGCO and TeeJet Technologies had stand-alone ISOBUS displays demonstrating the advantage of the single display, or virtual terminal. TeeJet Technologies worked with many second-tier manufacturers to show ISOBUS technology in their booths as well. Dickey-john also had a virtual terminal on display.

“This sudden appearance of equipment demonstrates the vitality of the standard and the speed at which equipment is being adapted to it,” Rudolph says.

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