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New harvest tools

New products from Vermeer to help you mow, move and process hay includehydraulically powered, self-loading bale movers, Gator mowers and a newbale processor.

The models 500 and 700 bale movers feature a system that packs balesin-line to reduce costly repairs to gearboxes, bearings and shafts. Acab-mounted electric-over-hydraulic control system allows you to load,transport and unload bales without leaving the tractor seat. Model 500loads and carries up to five 5-ft.-wide bales and connects to the company'sbaler processors to feed the unit the bales. List prices: $9,081 and$9,649.

The 6030 and 7030 Gator Mowers feature strong Kevlar curtains to protectmachine and operator, in open cabs, from flying debris. The mower has aunique bi-shaft cutterbar drive: If the cutterbar hits an obstacle, onlythe side that's damaged has to be replaced. List prices: $7,570 and $7,900.

Take control of odor with the company's Top Gun bale processor. From thecomfort of your tractor cab, you can contain lagoon odors by processing andblowing barley or straw over the top of the lagoon. You can also use it toblow bedding directly into hoop buildings, on the go. The unit blowsprocessed bedding up to 100 ft. and features a hydraulic control chute todirect where the bedding lands. List price: $26,603. Contact Vermeer Mfg.Co., Box 368, Pella, IA 50219, 515/621-7615.

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