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New Guidance Device

The newly released Envizio Plus from Raven Industries offers several new guidance features, including AccuBoom, Autoboom and data-logging capabilities. AccuBoom, following a coverage map, provides automatic boom section control and hands-free spray control. Autoboom operates the hydraulically leveled booms. The data-logging feature allows the Envizio Plus to log up to five products with rate information from a Raven console.

The Envizio Plus also offers several other features on its screen, including a downfield view, a bird's-eye view, GPS status with AutoDetect, field boundaries to total acres, and field map review with zoom. Raven reports that the new device provides a last-pass guidance pattern that allows a user to drive based on the nearest last pass made without having to set any points. Existing Envizio systems can be upgraded to Envizio Plus.

Price: $1,890. Contact Raven Industries, Dept. FIN, Box 5107, Sioux Fall, SD 57117, 800/243-5435, visit or, or circle 177.

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