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New fuel, new protection package

A newly formulated premium ag diesel fuel, from Cenex Harvest States and Farmland, offers 4_1/2percent more power and fuel economy than base diesel (according to field tests) and is part of a unique extended warranty program. Country Energy, a limited marketing arm for the two companies, will be selling the new fuel, warranty and lubricants through certified dealers.

Ruby Fieldmaster is formulated from D-grade fuel that is naturally high in cetane for quicker, smoother starts and less emissions or smoke. Detergents, stabilizers and a lubricity agent are added to keep injector systems clean and burn fuel properly, demulsify or shed water down through the fuel during storage, and keep parts fully lubricated.

On the warranty side, the Total Protection Plan will replace qualified worn parts for up to 10 yrs. or 10,000 hrs. in new equipment or up to 8 yrs. or 8,000 hrs. in used equipment, depending on product use. There is no deductible, n o enrollment fee for new equipment (100 dollars for used) and no owner burden of proof. The warranty is transferable. When cashing in on the warranty, you need to provide all your refueling receipts (and provide oil analysis, if applicable). Contact Country Energy LLC, Dept. FIN, Box 64089, St. Paul, MN 55164, 651/306-8433.

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