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High-speed mower conditioner Gehl introduces a new swing-frame disc mower conditioner that brings high-speed mowing and conditioning to midwestern hay growers. John Lenentz, district sales manager, claims this newest in the long line of Gehl mowers "gives us speed in the toughest of conditions. You get wide-width, low-profile cutting. The worse the conditions, the better this machine performs."

Models have different cutting widths, from 9 ft. 2 in. up to 18 ft. A high-speed disc cutterbar features low-profile design for even cutting. The gear-driven discs rotate at 3,000 rpm and operate in an oil bath for long life. Discs are adjustable from the tractor seat with hydraulic controls from 0 to 6ø. The conditioning rolls cover a larger percentage of the cutterbar width for more thorough and uniform conditioning, which leads to faster drying and maximum nutrient retention.

A transport cart is available, which Lenentz claims is quick and easy to set up. "It takes but a few minutes to attach the cart and rotate the unit for the highway," he says. "The transport width is only 8 ft." Contact Gehl, Dept. FIN, 143 Water St., West Bend, WI 53095, 414/334-6615, or circle 201.

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